Transparency data

Independent Office staff and salary data – senior data as at 30 September 2011

Updated 5 December 2011
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Post Unique Reference Name Grade Job Title Job/Team Function Parent Department Organisation Unit Contact Phone Contact E-mail Reports to Senior Post Salary Cost of Reports (£) FTE Actual Pay Floor (£) Actual Pay Ceiling (£) Professional/Occupational Group Notes Valid?
CO57 Sue Gray SCS2 Director, Propriety and Ethics and HMU for the Private Offices Group Head of Management Unit for Private Office Group and Director of Propriety and Ethics Team with overall management responsibility for 80 members of staff and the Private Office Group budget. Areas of responsibility include: -Policy and advice on standards and ethics issues under the Ministerial, Civil Service, Special Adviser and Public Bodies� Codes of conduct; -Policy on public appointments; -Budget and management of CO Ministers' private offices; -Liaison arrangements with the Public Administration Select Committee, Committee on Standards in Public Life, four Cabinet Office Advisory Bodies, the Parliamentary Ombudsman and Independent Adviser on Ministers' Interests. Cabinet Office Cabinet Office Private Office Group 020 7276 2470 xx 0 1.00 0 0 Policy 1
IO1 N/D SCS1 Head of Independent Offices Chief Executive, Civil Service Commission and Commissioner for Public Appointments; Head of managment Unit for the Secretarait supporting the House of Lords Appointments Commission and the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments Cabinet Office Cabinet Office Independent Offices 020 72710831 CO57 519311 1.00 0 0 Policy 1